New app/book illustrations

I worked on a cross cultural collaboration between Maori and Haida Nation in Canada. I had to make up a story that could show the mythical creatures of both cultures. 

 Haida culture concepts

 Boy concepts

Lots of challenges making this but it was an awesome experience. I came up with a detailed synopsis over about 4 days. Then someone else took my synopsis and created the text layout for the comic based almost word for word on my synopsis. I then illustrated the book and it was then shown to other story advisors who changed certain things such as the names of creatures ie Sasquatch became Grizzly Bear and The Great Lynx was changed to Sea Wolf. Basically my story went through many different hands and ended up pretty different in the end. 

We also created an app version with games and multiple languages which you can download free on iPad or iPhone here.

If you want to order this book you can go here