Illustrations for Niuean book 'We Are The Rock

My first illustration as a job was in We are the Rock. It's an awesome little book about Niue, an awesome little island in the Pacific. 

It has mythologies like the Niuean version of how Maui brought fire to their island.

 The legend of Laufoli

A story about slavery coming to Niue

There's also information on all these famous Niuean people.

After completion of the book I ended up going to Niue to check it out for the first time. My mother is Niuean but I was raised in Auckland, so it was an awesome going back to my roots experience. Super grateful to work on this project and the journey it took me on. 

Niue is a hidden gem of the pacific with beautiful lagoons and caves unlike anywhere else. Theres awesome places to eat and the people are really chilled and nice.  If you like snorkeling like I do, you definitely have to come to Niue. It's a coral atoll so the reef is packed with marine life.